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This is our compact, lightweight travel fingerboard featuring a few genius touches.

The innovative fingerboard can be used for serious training; giving you consistency as you train or simply warm up at the crag. It is great as a day-to-day fingerboard as well as being a perfect travel fingerboard.

The 25kg scale enables you to measure exactly how much you need to assist when you do one hand hangs. When using a string to assist when you are tired you tend to put more weight through it, with the balance you can see the quality of your reps AND measure the long-term progress. 

Training can be a little boring but by measuring what you do you get more out of every session and it makes training more fun.

Lasts forever - this product is made of high-quality materials with repairability and sustainability in mind. 

- Aluminium Alloy 6061-T6 Center Plate
- Micro-serrated & textured rails - grippy but not abrasive
- Scale for assisted hang measurement
- Stainless steel, rust resistant bolts
- 450g, 12cm/14cm


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Carabiner not included