About the Gnar Board

This video gives you a rundown of the Gnar Board - our innovative climbing training and warm-up fingerboard.


The 'Gnar Board' is our ultra-light travel fingerboard made so that you can train anywhere and warm up effectively while at the crag.

Designed with input from some of the world's leading rock climbers the fingerboard was developed over a period of two years while being tested throughout the world. 

The innovative assisted hang weight measurement scale is a world first on a fingerboard. We are proud to bring you a fantastically easy way to measure the effectiveness of every assisted hang or one-arm pull up.


"What gets measured gets managed" or so the adage goes. The reality is that by seeing the effectiveness of every one hand hang you can measure you progress as you train toward your goals.

For example, athletes using our fingerboard have used it to train and track their progress toward the following:
- One hand hangs (20mm rail / 12mm rail)
- Two finger hangs - front/middle/back
- One arm pull ups (jug, 20mm and 12mm rails)
- Mono hang - single finger!!

For normal fnigerboarding the two-sided board allows the normal range of two-hand hangs. 

When we travel long-term or simply have disruption to our routines it can be hard to train consistently, however with the Sick Climbing travel board you can ensure consistent training wherever you are in the world.

Backpacking around Asia? Travelling a lot for work? Long sport climbing trip? No problem, you can now train anywhere in any circumstances.


The board inventor, Nate Murphy, ruptured an A4 pulley while attempting to climb a 5.12d pitch on El Cap. The morning was cold and it was the first pitch he tried - warming up and staying warm was really challenging. This and a desire to train consistently while on a 6-month climbing trip through Asia inspired him to create a fingerboard that was great for warming up, training strength and that could literally be taken anywhere. 

Here are a few examples of warm-up exercises.

Jug warm-up - the big jug rail at the top of the hold allows you to start big to warm up your fingers and your muscles.

Sloper warm-up - side 2 of the jug naturally rotates when you hang on it - this lends itself enable a gentle open-handed sloper warm-up.

20mm rail - a nice finger-friendly rail design allows you to start doing hangs (feet on, then off) to warm up the fingers.

12mm rail - this rail is great to start to warm up your half crimp or crimp by using it carefully when you are warm

Power recruitment - by having your feet on and dropping your body back to catch yourself on your fingers gives you the chance to recruit some power before it is needed.

Free climbers resting on the Westie Face of the Leaning Tower - the GnarBoard is with them.


At SickClimbing we are fully against the throw-away culture and have designed our travel fingerboard with the following ethos:

  • Last practically forever
    We created the fingerboard using durable but lightweight materials; aluminum alloy, stainless steel and high-grade resin.
  • Repairable
    When a part fails, we want it to be easy to repair and not require throwing out the whole product. The stainless steel hex-nuts enable easy replacement of the cord or holds.
  • Environmentally sound
    By lasting a long time and being repairable we instantly make the product significantly more environmentally friendly but on top of that we have also sourced local manufacturers for parts, optimised material design and created innovative molding systems to reduce material use. These considerations have added cost to the product and essentially reduced our margin but to the benefit of the environment, we feel it is worth it.

We have calculated the carbon footprint of each product (in terms of kg per CO2). We double this and offset it through reputable carbon offset schemes - for example, SolarAid which not only reduces CO2 emissions but improves the quality of people's lives.

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