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The Sick Climbing strength training program

This is a strength-training program for your fingers - developed with Ben Hanna specifically for the Gnar Board.

It focuses on high-intensity strength training - because of this the work-outs are not very long (typically 15-25minutes) and are highly effective.

By using the Measure-point and Training-log system provided below you are able to track your progress and keep track of how often you train and the quality of your training. If you train 2x a week (recommended) then you do 8 training sessions per month and a measure-point once a month

The results from your measure-point feeds back into your training plan with the aim to consistently increase the intensity at a safe and sustainable level.

We have split the training routines up by bouldering/sport grade. The spread of grades may seem quite large but that is because of the variation that increased time & reduction of assisted weight can provide.

V1 - V3 (6a - 7a Sport) Climbers
- Measure Point 
- Training Log

V4 - V7 (7a+ - 8a Sport) Climbers
- Measure Point
- Training Log

V8+ (8a+ Sport) Climbers
- Measure Point
- Training Log


The GnarBoard Score Sheet!

This is a log for a range of time-based or weight-assist measured hangs you can do to measure your strength across the board.

Gnar Board Score (PDF)

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