Spares and Repairs

We want your fingerboard to last forever. 

You can take apart the hangboard with no more than an Allen key.

Replacing the cord

You can replace the cord with 1m of 5mm accessory cord. You should buy this from a climbing shop to ensure it is strong enough to be weighted.

Replacement rungs

The rungs should be pretty sturdy and are unlikely to break - however these things happen from time to time.

If within the warranty period (1yr) and you bought it directly from Sick Climbing send us your email address and receipt if you have it and we will send a replacement part to you. If you purchased it from another store - just send your receipt and we will do the same.

If out of warranty, or you cannot find any proof of purchase, do not worry. We sell replacement rungs for a very reasonable price. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Replacement Scale

You can order a replacement scale here.