About Sick Climbing

Our ethos

Sick Climbing is about the rebellious spirit in climbing. Embracing the anarchy, the f**king off, the dirtbagging, the funemployed. We want to focus on getting out, letting shit get real and having fun.

We created our first product, the Gnar Board because we believe that climbers should be able to train anywhere, that measurement makes training more effective and that warming up properly reduces injury and helps maintain continuous improvement.


Nate Murphy - founded SickClimbing while on a multi-year climbing trip. He works on Sick Climbing while trying to climb as much as possible and working on various projectsNot being a particularly talented climber he tries to make up for it with dogged persistence. He has climbed 8b (5.13d) sport and E7 6c (5.13b) trad on big walls.

Eli Nogueira - runs our manufacturing facility while setting routes at the local climbing gym and making climbing grips for his new hold company. After traveling to many worldwide travel destinations he has recently set his sights on staying put in New Mexico and getting strong. He is a keen boulderer who has climbed V9 and is projecting 8a (5.13b) routes. He is gunning for v10 and 8a+ (5.13c) this winter.

Ben Hanna - with multiple 5.14 flashes and 5.14d redpoints he is a climbing and training machine. He has been podiuming in open competitions more and more in the past few years and is becoming a major force to be reckoned with. Ben works with us on the product development, product testing and with creating our training systems. 

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We try to protect it because we don’t have another. To do this we aim to make products that last and that can be repaired if necessary without special equipment.

We calculate and offset the Carbon Footprint of our products. For the Gnar Board / our travel fingerboard, it works out to be approximately 1kg of CO2 emission. This includes our RnD operations and average shipping footprint.

We take this number, double it and offset that amount of carbon through reputable schemes. One of our main methods is through Solar Aid - which not only reduces carbon output but also improves people’s lives.

Breaking even is not good enough - any business knows that.


The Sick Climbing Travel Fingerboard was designed in the UK, developed all over the world and is currently handcrafted in the USA.